Cab Sketchbook 2018

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This is an artbook by me! Hi, I'm Cab and I draw comics, most of the time. This 40-page (20 spreads) book contains dozens of of inked drawings, sketches, and thumbnails, be it digital or traditionally drawn. I've sold it as a physical book online and at conventions since 2018 but now that I'm working on a new one, I decided to put this one up for sale as an eBook. There are a few bonus illustrations that didn't make it into the physical release as well!

You'll find some Inktober drawings from various years, research sketches for my comics Utown and Nuclear Winter and generally a lot of pretty sweet inky doodles. Everything I do is creator-owned so this is me, collecting drawings of my characters and my universes (plus the occasional fanart).

I'm someone who loves inking, especially really gritty inking, so if this a thing that appeals to you, you've come to the right place. By getting this book, you're not only supporting an indie artist, but you're preventing an old flat-bed scanner from going out of work. God knows it needs a moral boost.

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An extra-crispy 40-page black and white artbook

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20 pages
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